Nutribullet Review

My Home Nutribullet Review

My Home Nutribullet Review

Here is a review for all you wellness fans, or newbie wellness enthusiasts! Today, I’ll talk about my new super food extractor, the amazing Nutribullet. Stay tuned for the benefits and features of this nutrition blaster, and you’ll understand how the Nutribullet can work for you.

No doubt you read about or you’ve seen the countless TV infomercials with David Wolfe, the creator of the Nutribullet. I can tell you from experience that the Nutribullet is the easiest way to be sure you get nutritious healthy food in your diet on a daily basis, and it is SO much easier to use (and clean) than any juicer or blender I’ve ever used.

Based on the commercials which make it look so easy to use, I was a bit skeptical before I bought the Nutri Bullet. But I figured I could always return it if it didn’t work like it was advertised. I bought mine online from Walmart for $99, but after taxes and shipping it was more than $120! I always forget about adding those costs.

If I had known beforehand, I would have ordered from Amazon for around the same price, because at it automatically comes with free shipping included. You can’t beat that anywhere! Amazon has the best price total at under $110. This also beats the TV price!

Nutribullet Extractor

The Nutribullet: Juicer or Blender?

The Nutribullet is unlike any other jucier I’ve used. In fact, it’s not really a juicer at all. Nor a blender or food processor. It is actually an extractor, and this is an interesting distinction.

With a blender, you often get big chunks of one fruit or another stuck in the mix. Blenders can be difficult and bulky when it comes to cleaning up afterward. And I never really know which speed or setting works best, it’s always a guessing game and it’s the same with food processors too.

I’ve had several juicers over the years. From the inexpensive model my Dad gave me for Christmas one year, to the $400 model I bought after researching for months – I found they worked okay but were just so time consuming.

I had to spend a lot of time cleaning and cutting the fruit and then at least a half hour cleaning and storing the juicer after juicing. And, I always hated throwing out all that bulk that the juicer leaves behind.

What a waste – I know all of that fiber from carrots, apples, and oranges – that stuff is FULL of healthy fiber and vitamins! With juicing, it goes right down the drain. You keep all of that with the Nutribullet!

What is the Nutribullet?

To be exact, here is how the Nutribullet is different (and better!): The Nutribullet is NOT a juicer so you don’t lose the nutritious fiber. It’s NOT a blender, so you don’t get unblended chunks.

The difference: Nutribullet is an extractor. This means it reduces the food down to it’s most easily digestible form, but doesn’t eliminate any of the fiber or the juice.

Order online today at and you’ll get Free Shipping!

By far, the best benefit to using the Nutribullet is that it completely breaks down the fruits and veggies, which keeps all the valuable nutrients, and allows your body to absorb them more quickly. I mean, isn’t that the primary reason for choosing healthy fruits and fresh vegetables – for the nutritional benefits?

I’m sure you know that a healthy diet that includes natural vitamins and minerals will you help fight illness and disease. But that’s not all.

A healthy diet can also help you slim down and lose weight. It can make you look younger, and it is well known that eating healthier leads to longer life.

Personally, I can tell you from experience. After a week or two of eating healthier, you will feel SO much better and wonder why you waited so long!

The hard part of that is consuming the right kinds of foods, prepared the right way. Don’t overcook vegetables because when you do, you cook OUT all of the healthy parts. The best way to eat good veggies is to eat them raw or only slightly cooked (such as steamed or a short stir fry.)

Health Benefits From Nutribullet

An extractor like the Nutribullet makes consumption of healthy food nutrients a lot easier than eating 5-8 portions of fresh vegetables and fruits daily.

Major Advantages of Using The Nutribullet
1. First and foremost, better health! By adding healthy ingredients to your diet with yummy, easy nutri blast smoothies – you will feel better and live better. The value of good health is priceless!

2. Better Nutrition. The Nutribullet extracts rather than removing fibrous bulk like juicers. This means more natural vitamins and minerals that your body needs. All from a delicious Nutri Blast!

3. Super Easy Clean Up. I’m not kidding when I say it take less than 5 minutes to completely clean and store your Nutribullet. There are only 3 pieces, you just rinse and put it away for your next use. I use mine every day and always find great new recipes online for whatever I have in my kitchen.

I bought my Nutribullet last summer and I’ve been telling my neighbors, family, and even everyone on Facebook about it. I really do love it and I use it every single day.

Actually, I’ve decided to give a Nutribullet as a gift to everyone for Christmas. I don’t know of a better gift than easy nutritious smoothies for everyone in our family!

In all honesty, I can’t find anything I don’t like about my Nutribullet. I can add just about anything to a Nutriblast smoothie, and I’ve found that adding a little banana and goji berries will make ANYTHING taste like a tootsie roll.

I love to experiment with cinnamon, vanilla protein powder, coconut water – you get the idea. I use my Nutribullet daily for breakfast or a snack and I have no complaints.

Nutribullet Review: Conclusion

I highly recommend the Nutribullet. It’s fast, easy, delicious, and healthy.

I also recommend ordering online. You can save up to $40 in shipping and taxes by ordering from Amazon, then you’ll be making blasts within a week!

How To Order The Nutribullet

You have to try it. You can always return it but I know you’ll be amazed. Here’s how to order online:
Amazon – $99-$105 With Free Shipping – about $105 total, arrives within one week. See more customer reviews, or order now
Walmart – $99 + tax + shipping – approximately $119 total, arrives within two weeks. Order at Walmart, ship to your local store.
Order on TV – $119 + tax + shipping – approximately $139-$159 total, arrives in about two weeks

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